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Teatox Matcha Organic Green Tea Powder

Teatox Matcha Organic Green Tea Powder


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Due to its ingredients, green tea has been known for thousands of years for its positive effects on well-being, energising, and health care. The Japanese Matcha green tea is often called the queen of green teas. Its complex manufacturing process, the bright green colour, and the ceremonial tasting make the Matcha powder a special class of drink.
  • 100% natural ingredients that invigorate and promote concentration
  • has no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives
  • 137x as many antioxidants as normal green tea
  • has been drunk by Zen monks for over 800 years
  • with a free guide and recipes
  • 100% vegan

  • organically grown

  • no added flavours

  • free guide

  • qualified paleo

Ingredients - Teatox Matcha

  • The high content of antioxidants in particular is what makes Matcha so popular. They occur at 137 times more than in ordinary green tea and thus fight free radicals in the body even more effectively. Due to the caffeine, amino acids (L-thiamine), vitamins, and minerals, Matcha tea has a pleasantly invigorating effect whilst ensuring relaxation and well-being.

  • Matcha&You

    our free guide to the Matcha experience

    • developed with nutrition experts and raw food specialists
    • discover all the benefits of Matcha green tea
    • includes more than 40 healthy Matcha recipes
    • every Matcha customer receives the guide as a free PDF

      • 80°C

      • 1/2tsp / 250ml

      • 1 min


      Matcha tea is finely ground green tea from Japan and is considered one of the finest teas in the world. What makes the tea special is its pleasant invigorating effect and the rich healthy ingredients contained in Matcha tea.

      Matcha is traditionally foamed with 80 degrees hot water and ½ a teaspoon in a bowl. The accessories traditionally used for this can be found here.


      Due to the powdered form, Matcha is also ideal for your morning smoothie, baking, cooking, or for a Matcha latte. You can find recipes for the Japanese green tea in our magazine or in our free TEATOX&YOU guidebook.

    • What is the quality of Teatox Matcha green tea?

      Our Teatox Matcha has a premium, ceremonial quality. This means that the Matcha is well suited without additives for pure pleasure - as it is brewed in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

      At what time can I drink Teatox Matcha tea?

      The Teatox Matcha is a truer source of coffein and thus a healthy alternative to coffee - we recommend a cup in the morning and on particularly stressful days one in the afternoon, but not much later than 4 pm, because the increased caffeine content of Matcha can keep you awake for up to 6 hours.

      Where does Teatox Matcha come from?

      Our Teatox Matcha is harvested in Japan, to be more accurate in southern Japan in the Kagoshima region. The conditions for high quality are particularly good there.

      Is the tea organic tea?

      Yes, our teas are all 100% natural and certified organic. Our control number is: DE-ÖKO-070

      What is the best way to store my tea?

      Matcha is a very sensitive tea that is best stored in a cold, dark place, so it does not lose its flavour and keeps its bright green colour. In our aroma box the tea remains fresh for a particularly long time, which is why it should always be tightly closed.

      Is the tea affected by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima (Japan)?

      This question is reasonable and can only refer to Teatox Matcha, our only tea originating from Japan. Our Matcha tea comes from the Kagoshima region and can therefore be enjoyed completely without hesitation. To be sure, we have also initiated a study overseen by the Japanese government on radiation exposure on the tea and have certified the safe results of this.