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Spicy Love Organic Herbal Tea with Chili

Spicy Love Organic Herbal Tea with Chili


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Our Spicy Love helps you to discover a sensual Aphrodite in you. Stimulating exotic spices like anise, nutmeg and cinnamon vitalise your feelings, whilst Chili kicks up your blood flow and helps you to get into the right mood. All-natural this tea blend makes the perfect arousing companion for intimate moments.
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Herbal Tea with Chili and Cinnamon
  • No additives or artificial flavourings
  • 100% vegan

  • gluten free

  • organically grown

  • no added flavours

  • qualified paleo

Ingredients - Spicy Love Tea

  • The chili gives the tea a refined taste and pungency and rounds the blend off perfectly.

  • In Chinese and Indian medicine anise is an ancient and well known plant. The tea is also known as aphrodisiac.

  • The leaves and seeds of the coriander are mainly known from Asian cuisine. However, the secondary plant substances contained can do more than just tasting delicious.

  • Ingredients: Anise, rosehip seeds, coriander, juniper berry, birch leaves, chili, ladys mantle herb, yarrow herb, cinnamon, basil, nutmeg.

      • 100°C

      • 1TL / 250ml

      • 5-7 min

      A few brief tips:

      Awaken your inner Aphrodite with this spicy and stimulating tea blend. Completely organic anise, cinnamon and chili allow you to enjoy the arousing Spicy Love during a very intense tea experience.

      During ancient times many spices, amongst them cinnamon, were dedicated to the goddess of love and beauty – Aphrodite. Nutmeg was acknowledged as exhilarating during the Middle Age and has been used as aphrodisiac ever since. The Spicy Love blend combines these two and more arousing and stimulating spices and fruits.

    • For how many cups does the content of 70g last ?

      You will need 2g (1 tsp) of loose tea per cup, thus it will last for 35 cups.

      What time of the day can I drink the Spicy Love tea?

      The holistic approach of TEATOX is to create teas for the needs of body, mind and soul. This can be applied to the time of tea indulgence as well. That is why we have teas with and without caffeine. The Spicy Love can be indulged in at any time of the day.

      Is the Spicy Love an organic tea?

      Yes, the TEATOX teas are all 100% natural and certified organic. Our organic control number is: DE-ÖKO-070.

      Is this TEATOX tea suitable for children?

      Spicy Love is a herbal tea which makes it suitable for kids, too. Just be careful that it’s not too spicy for the younger tea lovers.

      How do I store my tea best?

      The beauty of tea is: it is long lasting. The exact shlef life can be found on the bottom of your tea tin. It is important that it is stored dry. In our tin cans it is remains aromatic for a very long time