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Pure Beauty Organic White Tea With Chamomile

Pure Beauty Organic White Tea With Chamomile


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Show yourself from your best side - with Pure Beauty! This mildly aromatic tea composition combines the finest organic ingredients of white tea, exotic Pu-Erh tea and fine carrot flakes, making it the ideal companion to your daily beauty ritual.
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • White tea with exotic Pu-Erh tea and carrot flakes
  • Without flavours or additives
  • Including beauty guide with healthy recipes, DIY peelings and beauty tips
  • 100% vegan

  • gluten free

  • organically grown

  • no added flavours

  • free guide

  • qualified paleo

Ingredients - Pure Beauty Tea

  • Its clarifying effect makes it the natural secret for beautiful skin. Its wealth of flavonoids can provide active protection for the cells, particularly against the negative effects of free radicals.

  • Pu-Erh-Tea is harvested from the subspecies of the common tea plant called Qingmao. The special ripening process gives the tea its reddish colour and strong taste.

  • The beta carotene contained in carrots is well known and the fruity, slightly sweet carrot gives the tea its unique taste.

  • All Ingredients: White tea, carrot, lemongrass, nettle leaves, ginger, juniper berries, Pu-Erh-Tea, camomile, burdock root


    our free guide for your TEATOX Pure Beauty tea

    • developed with nutrition experts and beauticians
    • every Pure Beauty tea customer gets the guide free in PDF format
    • with many recipes for a beautiful skin
    • over 30 pages filled with beauty tips

      • 100°C

      • 1tsp / 250ml

      • 5-7 min


      Show your best side with Pure Beauty. This mildly aromatic tea composition based on white tea and a handful of carefully selected organic ingredients provides the beauty from the inside.


      Feel comfortable and beautiful with conscious actions and ingredients such as white tea, Pu-Erh tea and carrot flakes. In addition to our Pure Beauty tea, we are constantly developing new tips and tricks that you can use at home. We always pay attention to the naturalness and compatibility of the applications. From so-called "beauty foods" to masks and peelings, you will find a variety of tips in our TEATOX&YOU.

    • For how many cups will the 60g of Pure Beauty tea last?

      You will need 2g of loose tea per cup, the TEATOX tea will thus last for 30 cups.

      What time of the day can I drink the Pure Beauty tea?

      The holistic approach of TEATOX is to create teas for the needs of body, mind and soul. This can be applied to the time of tea indulgence as well. That is why we have teas with and without caffeine. The TEATOX Pure Beauty tea contains white tea and can therefore be consumed at any time of the day, but not right before going to bed as it contains little amounts of caffeine.

      Is the Pure Beauty an organic tea?

      Yes, our teas are all 100% natural and certified organic. Our control number is: DE-ÖKO-070.

      Is this TEATOX tea suitable for children?

      Generally, all of the TEATOX teas can be consumed by all age groups. For the younger tea lovers we nevertheless recommend the Skinny Detox Good Night tea or Daily Balance tea only. The Pure Beauty tea contains caffeine and is therefore not entirely suitable for children.

      What is the best way to store my tea?

      The nice thing about tea is: it is long-lasting. Its exact shelf life can be found on the packaging side of your TEATOX tea. The most important thing for storage is that it stays dry. Our specially designed metal cans and aroma soft packs make sure it remains fragrant until the last cup.