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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about Our Tea and Preparation

1. Are the Teas Organic Teas?

Yes, our teas and other food products are all made from 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. Our control number is: DE-ÖKO-070 The EU organic seal, displayed as a leaf on green background, is mandatory since 01/07/2012. Additionally, you will find the German state-controlled organic seal on the TEATOX® packaging.

2. Why are the TEATOX® teas free from added flavours?

Many store-bought teas, also organic ones, have added flavours, sometimes “natural” ones.

The problem with adding flavours to any kind of food and beverage is that this aroma is build from up to 150 different unique components. They give the tea a very strong taste, which is so different from its natural one, that it may even lead to impairment of your natural taste buds. Furthermore, this production process means that often the tea itself is just a carrier for the added aroma and the quality of tea, the herbs and the fruits is unfortunately of secondary importance.

For this matter TEATOX® follows the policy of never adding any flavours but just ingredients of best organic farming. We believe in the power of natural ingredients, to offer you the best tea possible, without any additives.

3. How Does the Water Quality Impact the Taste of the Tea?

"The quality of a good cup of tea depends on 20% of the tea itself and 80% on the water used" Zhang Dafu (tea master of the Qing Dynasty).

Regardless of which water you use for tea, in general the following two important parameters apply: First, the freshness of the water is undoubtedly important because the oxygen content in the water contributes significantly to the flavour of the tea. Water that has been in the tap for a long time or in the kettle for hours loses its essential ingredients and quickly becomes bland. Second, it should be ensured that the water is not "dead" boiled. It loses oxygen every time it boils. It is therefore better to only boil your water once.

And now for the water quality: Really tasty and delicious water is fresh, oxygenated, and rich in minerals. However, its degree of hardness should not be too high. Especially for green teas, including our Energy Matcha, we recommend "soft" water that is low in minerals. Water with a higher level of hardness quickly gives the tea a "furry" taste and results in a film on the surface of the tea that then counteracts the developing flavours. You can use tap water almost anywhere for your tea. The hardness of the water varies depending on the region, but where there is a particularly high degree of hardness, e.g. there is too much lime in the water, this can be counteracted with a water filter.

Mineral water is a different matter. Mineral water contains a lot of calcium and hydrogen carbonate, which makes lime build up when you boil it. The carbonate also causes the pH of the water to increase and thus it is unsuitable for enjoying tea. If you would still like to boil your tea with mineral water, when shopping look for low levels of bicarbonate and calcium. For tea, we recommend a calcium content of less than 10 mg / l, a magnesium content of less than 30 mg / l, and hydrogen of up to 20 mg / l.

4. How Long Can I Steep My Tea?

The question of the exact brewing time cannot be answered 100%. It is more a matter of taste and preference. Usually the brewing time should be:

  • The more tea leaves, the shorter the steeping time.
  • The hotter the water, the shorter the steeping time.
  • The more broken the tea leaves, the stronger the flavour and the shorter the steeping time.

Steeping time for teas from TEATOX® is indicated on each product page and you will also find instructions on the tea's packaging.

As with the brewing time and water quality, the temperature also plays an important role for making a good cup of tea. The exact details for the individual varieties can be found on the product page as well as on the packaging of our teas. We recommend you to try yourself which temperature and steeping time works best for you and adjust it accordingly.

5. When Does Tea Have a Calming Effect And When Is It Stimulating?

A special feature of black and green tea are their – in contrast to coffee – stimulating but not overexciting effect. The tea has an invigorating effect on your central nervous system - but because of its tannins, it also has a calming effect on the stomach and intestines. At the same time these substances do not release the caffeine in one fell swoop, but over a longer period.

An exclusively stimulating (in terms of invigoration) tea should steep for 2-3 min. For a calming effect (yet still makes you alert), tea should be steeped for up to 5 min. This allows the tannins to better develop, which binds the caffeine and therefore emits them over a longer period. This also makes the tea easier on your stomach.

As our Energy Matcha is currently the only green tea variety in our range, this issue actually only arises here – however, Matcha tea does not steep in the normal sense because this dissolves the entire (ground) leaf. In this way, Matcha has a wonderfully invigorating effect without upsetting your stomach.

6. What Time of the Day Can I Drink What Tea?

The holistic approach of TEATOX® is to create teas for the needs of body, mind and soul. This can be applied to the time of tea indulgence as well. Thus we have teas with and without caffeine.

That is why we made sure the Skinny Detox tea is composed of a morning and a night tea. The morning tea will help you wake up and fuel you for the day and the night tea has a calming effect and prepares your body for the night. During your treatment it is very important to adjust your tea and your diet to the time of the day.

The Energy Matcha is a true source of energy due to caffeine and a healthy alternative to coffee – we recommend a cup in the morning and on particularly stressful days one in the afternoon, but not much later than 4 pm, because the increased caffeine content of Matcha can keep you awake for up to 6 hours.

The same applies for our Fresh Focus as it contains 60% of green tea and therefore has a high caffeine content.

The TEATOX® Daily Balance tea is caffeine free and can therefore be consumed at any time of the day. TEATOX® selected the ingredients to give the verbena tea a pleasant, refreshing taste, providing a relaxing effect without making you drowsy. We deliberately didn't add caffeine to the ingredients to make the Daily Balance tea enjoyable at any time.

The Power Detox contains Sencha Green tea and Guarana and is therefore a perfect alternative for coffee in the morning to rise up and shine.

The TEATOX® Natural Defense tea contains Sencha tea and can therefore be consumed at any time of the day, but not right before going to bed as it contains little amounts of caffeine. The ingredients are most effective in supporting your body’s defences if you drink the tea once or more times a day.

The TEATOX® Pure Beauty tea contains white tea and can therefore be consumed at any time of the day, but not right before going to bed as it contains little amounts of caffeine.

The Harmony Chai contains, next to black tea, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger. With its warming effect and its caffeine content the chai tea is best consumed in the morning for a good start to the day or for an afternoon tea time.

7. What is the best way to dispose the packaging of the TEATOX® teas in an ecofriendly way?

We are aware of our responsibility for the environment, thus all of our packaging is recyclable. Additionally, we pay the necessary taxes related to the recycling of our packaging.

The cardboard box, as well as the padding material, may be disposed of separately, just like normal waste paper is in your country. The ziplock bags and tin cans have to be disposed of separately as well, to make sure the plastic waste will be recycled.The tea itself is organic waste.

8. Are TEATOX® Teas Medicinal Teas?

The content of pharmaceutically active ingredients is the deciding factor for whether a tea is an enjoyable beverage or effective as a medicinal tea. Our teas are developed in such a way that they contain no harmful ingredients that would be subject to medicinal liability. All teas are considered foods and can be safely enjoyed.

9. Does the TEATOX® tea have any negative effects on my body when I am pregnant or breast-feeding? Does it have any side-effects on the effectiveness of my oral contraceptive?

We differ from our Australian and American competitors mainly because the TEATOX® teas are not medicinal teas. None of our ingredients falls under the definition of a medicinal product according to the Medicinal Products Act. Our teas do not contain ingredients like Senna leaves, which are hard to digest and also known for their laxative effects.

Nutritionists and natural health professionals are present during the whole development process of our teas and try to make sure the teas can be consumed by everyone, free from side effects and special requirements. As the ingredients can unfortunately trigger different reactions from different bodies, side effects on the effectiveness of your oral contraceptive can never be completely eliminated. We therefore recommend to consult your gynaecologist.

The same applies to the consumption of our tea during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

10. Which Teas Are Safe to Consume By Children?

Generally, all of the TEATOX® teas can be consumed by all age groups. For the younger tea lovers we nevertheless recommend the Daily Balance, Sporty Fruits, Sweet Sleep, Yoga Spirit, Super Herbs, Spicy Love and the Skinny Night tea only. All other teas contain caffeine and are therefore not entirely suitable for children.

11. What Is the Best Way to Store My Tea?

The nice thing about tea is: it is long-lasting. Its exact shelf life can be found on the packaging side of your TEATOX® teas. The most important thing for storage is that it stays dry. It lasts wonderfully in our specially designed metal cans and aroma softpacks and remains fragrant until the last cup.

Questions about order procedure, payment and delivery

1. I have an issue with my order. How do I get help?

If you have a problem with the payment, please first try to use another payment method and try to order again.

For any other problems, which are not answered by the questions below, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you to help you out.

2. I have a coupon. How can I apply it to my order?

In the last step of the order procedure you are able to insert your code on the right at the item "discount code". Enter the digits of your code there and press "continue". If your code is not applicable, please check the spelling of the code and conditions connected to it before contacting us.

3. I do not have a coupon. How do I get one?

There are several ways to stay informed on our frequent coupon offers and news. The best is to sign up for the newsletter, where most of the offers are communicated. Additionally, some offers are communicated solely on our social feeds like facebook and Instagram. The corresponding links are listed on the bottom of this page.

4. Which payment methods do you offer and how secure are they?

The following payment methods might be used:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • SOFORT Überweisung
  • Debit Payment

Detailled information about the payment methods can be found on our Payment & Delivery page

Your order with us is completely safe. Your personal details such as name, address, and credit card information are protected by security systems. The transfer of these data is encrypted and unreadable for outsiders using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). You can find out more in our privacy policy.

5. How does TEATOX® handle my personal data?

Your data belongs to you – we will not disclose it to third parties. We only save your data for the ordering and shipping process and will delete it at your request at any time.. Contact our Privacy Officer at +49 (0) 30 220124510 or to do this.

6. Which countries does TEATOX® deliver to and what are the costs?

We deliver to Germany, all countries of the European Union and many countries outside the EU. A detailed overview with shipping costs and the conditions for free delivery can be found here.

7. Which is your logistics partner and how long does delivery take?

Our parcels are delivered through DHL Gogreen. This means that the delivery is climate neutral and the carbon gases caused by delivery are balanced through investments in ecofriendly projects. Information about delivery times can be found here.

8. How can I track my order status?

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email in addition to a shipping confirmation once your package leaves our warehouse. The shipping confirmation includes a tracking number for our delivery service DHL. Using this number you can track the status and whereabouts of your package with DHL tracking.

9. I would like to order my tea as a gift. Is that possible?

At the moment we do not offer individual gift packing services. In the category “gift sets” you will find several sets which are delivered in a high-quality gift package.

Questions about cancellation, delivery problems and returns

1. How can I change or cancel my order after the order has been placed?

Please contact our customer service via our contact form.

2. What can I do when the delivery of my parcel takes too long?

The delivery time within Germany is between 1 and 3 working days, within Europe between 3 and 5 working days. If we have already dispatched your order, you have received an email for the tracking of your shipment. This way you are able to find out where your parcel is located at the moment. If the parcel service wasn’t able to get to you personally, your parcel may have been given to your neighbour or nearest post office. You should be informed about this by the service. If you are not able to track your parcel, our customer service is happy to help you.

3. My parcel couldn’t be delivered. Could you send it to me again?

It is important to us that you get your TEATOX® products as soon as possible. We will thus dispatch your parcel again as soon as possible. It might speed things up, if you, as soon as you realise the parcel service is sending your parcel back to us, inform us with mentioning your order number. Please also check if your address is still correct and your name is on the door.

4. The Package I Received Was Not What I Ordered. What Can I Do Now?

We apologise for this – it should of course never happen. Please contact our customer service and help us correct your order as soon as possible.

5. I Want To Return My Order, How Do I Do This?

You can return your tea if it is still unopened in its original packaging. If there have been any production faults, the TEATOX® accessories will be replaced with a new one or the purchase price will be refunded.

Please contact our customer support, who is happy to send you a return slip for free shipping. We kindly ask you not to send us any freight forward deliveries, as the easiest way to handle the return of you order is to provide you with a return slip.

Questions about Us and Our Company

1. Where Does the Name TEATOX® Come from and What Does It Mean?

TEATOX®'s special approach is to develop tea blends that are adapted for special moments and needs. All our teas are very specifically designed with health practitioners and tea experts in such a way that they support your body, mind, and spirit and help you get more out of your body. Whether it's the Skinny teas, which aims to make you feel comfortable in your body, or the Teatox® Matcha which helps you to feel alert and focused.

2. Is There a Job Available for Me at Your Company?

Quite possibly! Just send us your initial application to We will contact you!

3. Who can I contact if I would like to become a retailer?

Thank you for your interest! We have compiled information and contacts for our partners and business clients on our business & trade page.

4. How can I try your products as a blogger or instagrammer?

You are interested in trying our products and telling your followers about them? This is what the TEATOX® Ambassador program has been made for. Information and contacts can be found here.