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Daily Balance Organic Herbal Tea with Lemongrass

Daily Balance Organic Herbal Tea with Lemongrass


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The tea for those relaxing moments - our contribution to harmonising the body, mind and soul. Delicate verbena, honeybush, ginger and lemon myrtle leaves make this tea a fruity, aromatic and caffeine free treat.
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • with complimentary food and relaxation guide
  • no flavourings or additives
  • can promote mental balance
  • caffeine free tea
  • 100% vegan

  • organically grown

  • no added flavours

  • free guide

  • qualified paleo

Ingredients - Daily Balance Tea

  • With essential oils, the herb helps to relax stress without causing drowsiness. It also has an enticing lemony aroma and taste.

  • Rich in healthy minerals, vitamins and essential oils, ginger is especially relaxing for the stomach, and is also used for headaches.

  • The herb comes originally from South Africa and has a slightly sweet flavour which gives the tea its mellow taste.

  • All Ingredients: Verbena, Honeybush, Ginger, Lemon Grass, lemon-scented teatree


    our free guide to daily relaxation with your TEATOX tea

    • developed with yoga and meditation experts
    • with yoga and meditation tips for everyday life
    • includes an introduction to the tea cultures of the world
    • every Daily Balance customer receives the guide free in PDF form

      • 100°C

      • 1tsp / 250ml

      • 5-7 min


      This caffeine free tea is intended for those special moments of relaxation.
 TEATOX selected the ingredients to give the verbena tea a pleasant, refreshing taste, providing a relaxing effect without making you drowsy. We deliberately didn't add caffeine to the ingredients to make the Daily Balance tea enjoyable at any time of the day.


      Since we are convinced human well-being arises from the harmony of body, mind and soul, we attach great importance to spiritual well-being. Which is why our TEATOX&YOU guide, especially developed for the TEATOX Daily Balance tea, includes a number of concepts applied in the fields of yoga, meditation and general wellness. Download it free here.

    • For how many cups will the 50g of Daily Balance tea last?

      You will need 2g of loose tea per cup, the TEATOX tea will thus last for 25 cups.

      What time of the day can I drink the Daily Balance tea?

      The holistic approach of TEATOX is to create teas for the needs of body, mind and soul. This can be applied to the time of tea indulgence as well. That is why we have teas with and without caffeine. The TEATOX Daily Balance tea is caffeine free and can therefore be consumed at any time of the day.

      Is the Daily Balance an organic tea?

      Yes, our teas are all 100% natural and certified organic. Our control number is: DE-ÖKO-070.

      Is this TEATOX tea suitable for children?

      Generally, all of the TEATOX teas can be consumed by all age groups. For the younger tea lovers we nevertheless recommend the Skinny Detox Good Night tea or Daily Balance tea only. The other teas contain caffeine and are therefore not entirely suitable for children

      What is the best way to store my tea?

      The nice thing about tea is: it is long-lasting. Its exact shelf life can be found on the packaging side of your TEATOX tea. The most important thing for storage is that it stays dry. Our specially designed metal cans and aroma soft packs make sure it remains fragrant until the last cup.