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Active Power Organic Green Tea With Guaraná

Active Power Organic Green Tea With Guaraná


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Active Power contains just the right blend of natural ingredients like cayenne pepper and guarana to help your body to bounce back fast. Feel prepared to face whatever life brings, and enjoy the exciting and natural flavour of this special organic tea.
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • with free nutrition and fitness guide
  • no artificial flavourings or additives
  • rich in antioxidants
  • promotes the natural detoxification process
  • 100% vegan

  • organically grown

  • no added flavours

  • free guide

  • qualified paleo

Ingredients - Active Power Tea

  • A secret Native American remedy for boosting energy reserves. The caffeine is released gradually so the effect lasts up to six hours

  • The medicinal plant contains a variety of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and polyphenols

  • Speeds up the metabolism with its natural spiciness and the compound capsaicin, it is at the same time a powerful antioxidant.

  • All ingredients: Verbena, green rooibos, green Sencha tea, guarana, chokeberries, nettle leaves, cardamom, cayenne pepper


    our free guide for your physical reboot with the TEATOX Active Power tea

    • developed with fitness and nutrition experts
    • over 30 pages of healthy recipes and nutrition tips
    • with tips for regenerating your body and your health
    • every Active Power customer receives the guide free in PDF format

      • 100°C

      • 1tsp / 250ml

      • 5-7 min


      Active Power is our alternative to the Skinny Detox treatment. This tea was developed to help you to bounce back fast when you feel listless and drained. Maybe after a stressful week at work or a long night of partying - you decide when you need it: TOXINS OUT - POWER IN

      Ingredients such as green tea, guarana or cayenne pepper ensure that you are revitalised fast, while especially the nettle leaves add a unique flavor to our Active Power tea.


      For even more power you will find a handful of hints and tricks you can use for nutrition and fitness in our free TEATOX&YOU guide. Simply download here and you can start right away with your TEATOX Active Power experience!

    • For how many cups will the 50g of tea last?

      You will need 2g of loose tea per cup, the TEATOX tea will thus last for 25 cups.

      What time of the day can I drink the tea?

      The holistic approach of TEATOX is to create teas for the needs of body, mind and soul. This can be applied to the time of tea indulgence as well. That is why we have teas with and without caffeine. The Active Power contains Sencha Green tea and Guarana and is therefore a perfect alternative for coffee in the morning.

      Is the Active Power an organic tea?

      Yes, our teas are all 100% natural and certified organic. Our control number is: DE-ÖKO-070.

      Is the Active Power tea suitable for children?

      Generally, all of the TEATOX teas can be consumed by all age groups. For the younger tea lovers we nevertheless recommend the Skinny Detox Good Night tea and Daily Balance tea only. The Active Power tea contains caffeine and is therefore not entirely suitable for children.

      What is the best way to store my tea?

      The nice thing about tea is: it is long-lasting. Its exact shelf life can be found on the packaging side of your TEATOX tea. The most important thing for storage is that it stays dry. Our specially designed metal cans and aroma soft packs make sure it remains fragrant until the last cup.